This is Lithgow

This is Lithgow

LITHGOW – the sunny side of the Blue Mountains

Lithgow snuggles into the sunny western side of the Blue Mountains, just two hours from Sydney and is the gateway to the Central West of NSW.

Photo © Tourism Lithgow

Within minutes of downtown Lithgow, you can walk through historic villages, visit spectacular lookouts, sit beside clear flowing creeks or discover the many beautiful valleys that dominate the region.

Lithgow is best known for its industrial heritage, however, it is also in an exquisitely beautiful area with seven national parks nurturing rare flora and fauna. Included in the collection of natural attractions are the world famous Jenolan Caves, and the massive Wollemi and Blue Mountains National Parks.

Hassans Walls Lookout is just minutes from Lithgow’s town centre. Photo © Tourism Lithgow

We suggest that your first call should be the Lithgow Visitor Information Centre, on the highway on the western side of the city. The friendly staff has a great local knowledge about all the things Lithgow has to offer.

LithGlow Illuminating Industrial Innovation Photo © Tourism Lithgow

They will surprise you on the range of things there are to do in the Lithgow area and the wide choice of places to stay – from six stars with all the frills to camping with all the thrills.

Photo © Tourism Lithgow

If you are traveling west from Sydney, Lithgow is the gateway to the Central West where you can discover the Bathurst, Orange, and Mudgee regions.

However, before you do, stay a few days and explore the Lithgow region. It’s surprisingly close to Sydney, surprisingly interesting and surprisingly spectacular and you will be made most welcome.

Main photo © Tourism Lithgow