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What are you searching for, what do you want on your next journey or holiday?
Freedom to move, great times with friends and family or just some fun?
New frontiers, fresh air or fantastic food and wine?
Fabulous views, fascinating places or friendly faces?
Gosh! Does it really matter? What is important and what really matters is that whatever your soul is searching for – you’ll find it in Mudgee.
And you’ll know that you are welcome.

My odyssey to Mudgee

“It was the friendliness of the place that struck me.”
“The people smiled at me – actually smiled. You’ve no idea how good it made me feel how welcomed I felt”
“I sat on a bench in the main street one morning just reading my book – or rather pretending to read.
When I wanted company I’d smile and nod at someone and invariably one of the locals would stop, exchange a word or two. A couple of passers-by sat down with me gave me tips on what to do, what to see and what not to miss.
When I wanted to be alone, I just opened my book and kept my head down. The people respected that- it was just fantastic.”

Photo © Zin House Restaurant

Mudgee’s like that – friendly, welcoming and unpretentious.
You just know that they enjoy having company. They make that extra effort and it’s genuine.
They want you to enjoy your visit and they are very proud of their beautiful town.
They’ll no doubt tell you that Mudgee is the second oldest settlement west of the Blue Mountains 1838 to be exact.

Many of the beautiful old buildings are still there, especially along Church and Market Streets, the wonderful, peaceful parks and the grand homesteads in the nearby streets.
The original settlers were impressed with the potential productiveness of the land and it didn’t let them down.
John Martin

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